You can install Gears with pip:

$ pip install Gears

If you want to use node.js-dependent compilers or compressors, you need to install other dependencies:

$ pip install gears-less          # LESS
$ pip install gears-stylus        # Stylus
$ pip install gears-handlebars    # Handlebars
$ pip install gears-coffeescript  # CoffeeScript

$ pip install gears-uglifyjs      # UglifyJS
$ pip install gears-clean-css     # clean-css

Please note that all these compilers and compressors require node.js to be installed on your system.

It is strongly recommended to install Gears within activated virtualenv.

If you want to use one of available extensions (django-gears, Flask-Gears or gears-cli), please refer to its documentation instead.

Installing the Development Version

If you want to work with the latest version of Gears, install it from the public repository (Git is required):

$ pip install -e git+

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